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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient healing art. The technique combines aspects of stretching, palming, acupressure, gentle rocking, Ayurveda and energy balancing. With a rhythmic, flowing and meditative approach, a skilled practitioner assists a fully-clothed recipient into a sequence of yoga-inspired postures, creating a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. Treatments are given on either a comfortable floor mat or a sturdy massage table. An session length is 90 minutes. For many, the immediate and lasting benefits are profound and substantial. The intent of Thai Massage is to free the body of trapped energy, stimulate the natural flow of life force, and maintain a general balance of wellness.

What to Expect

My goal is always to deliver you the most highly satisfying experience, from the moment you arrive, till the moment you leave my studio. I always allow ten or so minutes before and after each appointment for session-related discussion, or friendly conversation. However, your time constraints and personal preferences are always respected. Intake discussions can be as brief as a few minutes and your choice to maintain silence after a session is also respected. During a session, I will do everything to ensure complete safety and will respect your physical and emotional boundaries. You are fully clothed during Thai treatments, and I will never over-stretch or force your body into difficult or uncomfortable postures. During a session, there is constant contact between us, using precise techniques of palming, thumbing, compression, stretching, rocking and rhythmic, range of motion enhancing movements. While working, I utilize my thumbs, palms, hands, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, and toes in a manner that is tailored to the needs of your body. Exceptional foot massage techniques, used with the intention to re-energize your skeletal and visceral systems. Joint mobility techniques, often resulting in happier ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. Meditative music, chosen specifically to balance your energy, and to enhance your experience by activating your innate relaxation response.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Benefits

• Heightened energy levels
• Improved body-mind connection
• Relief for pain and muscle tension
• Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
• Improved range of motion
• Increased flexibility
• Rejuvenated body and mind

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