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Moore's Crest

Shòu Shù

Shòu Shù is an ancient Chinese martial art that emulates the movements of seven animals to develop powerful fighting skills. Shòu Shù is not a sport, but a serious, complete self-defense system employing joint locks, nerve shots, practical kicks, devastating hand strikes and much more, all designed to meet real life situations one would encounter on the streets against one or multiple attackers. Shòu Shù is an extremely effective form of martial art. Men, women, teens, children, short or tall, young or old can benefit. You will learn to react quickly, efficiently and effectively against an assault, even against multiple attackers with weapons. This is full-blown self-defense training.

Yoga Dojo

Yoga Dojo offers a variety of yoga classes in our studio. Our Vinyasa Flow class is a powerfully fluid practice, which integrates breath and movement.   Our Gentle Yoga class focuses on slow stretches, flexibility and deep breathing.  Therapeutic & Restorative class is a gentle practice using longer holds in supported versions of standard yoga poses, use blocks, blankets and other props.  Find your mind, body & spirit connection!  Yoga by definition means, “yoke”, “to join” or “to unite”. Here at Yoga Dojo, dojo meaning “ meeting place”, we strive to provide balanced programs, which include yoga poses (Asana), breathe work (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana) techniques.

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